Ulule - August 7, 2022 - Newsletter #2: 🏔🏃‍♀️ Trail up! 200% funded! What's next?

Dear supporters,

Yesterday, the 200% funding level was reached 🚀🚀 And the momentum has been good ever since!! Thanks everyone!!

This proves that the theme of the game resonates with many people, as well as the way of making it (manufactured in France 🇫🇷, 1% of sales donated to environmental associations 🌱 and minimization of plastic 🚫)

Here is what we will cover in this newsletter: the 200% level, the next levels, the name of the Points of Interest and the distribution network.

The 200% level

A new team game mode 🏃🏃‍♀️ vs 🏃🏾🏃‍♂️!!

We are in the process of refining the rules, but in essence: the cards drawn can be played for oneself or for one's teammate, and the winning team will be the first in which both members have reached the finish!

Sorry, we hadn't even updated the project page to explain what the 200% level was -> we admit, we needed to take a step back following the finalization of the campaign and the rush to start!

What about the following levels?

We were caught up in speed! We offered, from the basic version, a complete and thoughtful game. We did not want to “defeather” the basic version.

And as we said on the project page, we want useful additions: which improve the playability, replayability or durability of the game.

We are exploring different avenues and we will tell you more very soon! For example, we are studying a new game mode 🤫...

You nevertheless proved to us that you weren't waiting for levels to support us, that goes straight to us ❤️ and it proves that you like the game as is!

Names of Points of Interest and Things Not to Do

On the completely imaginary game board, we have placed Points of Interest . These are starting, finishing or stage points for the different races present in the game (ie the missions)

We still wanted to place iconic peaks in these points of interest: Mont Blanc and the Aiguille du Midi. However, we received some feedback (thanks to them) on the difficulties that this could cause:

- the fact of inducing that everyone could do trail running at the summit of Mont Blanc

- infringement of any brand or industrial property (for example the installations around the Aiguille du Midi)

We don't want (or have the means!) to go through a lawsuit because someone deduced that he could go in sneakers on Mont Blanc (and he slipped) or because we reproduces an installation of the Compagnie du Mont-Blanc (70 million euros turnover according to Wikipedia).

So we're going to rename these summits: any ideas?

Finding the distribution network

We took advantage of our vacation in the Alps to visit potential resellers. They are classified into 3 categories:

- fun shops (which sell board games)

- “outdoor sports” shops (such as “Au Vieux Campeur”)

- slightly diversified bookstores

Good news 🥳: we already have pre-orders, and discussions are underway with others.

We are faced with 2 major difficulties: a saturated games market (more than 1000 new games per year) and resellers reluctant to manage the logistics of 1 supplier for 1 reference. But your support is the best proof that the game has its place among resellers!

We wish you a very happy Sunday!

The Trail up team!

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